Life Postmenopause and How to Get Through It

Life Postmenopause and How to Get Through It

Menopause is a challenging time for many women. But once these years are over, you can enjoy a whole new level of freedom. Menstrual periods and the resulting physical complaints and mood swings are a thing of the past. 

How are you dealing with life postmenopause?

At Balance Hormone Center in Norman, Oklahoma, our medical providers, Gordon Hart, PA-C, and Lisa Hargis, NP, offer comprehensive hormone therapy solutions to ensure optimal well-being at every age. 

We create customized treatment plans to get you through menopause and help you adjust to a postmenopausal life.  

The end of menopause

Menopause is the end of a woman's reproductive life. During this time, your estrogen levels are low, which may ease menopausal symptoms like hot flashes. But postmenopausal women are at an increased risk of serious health conditions. 

Prevention is crucial during this life stage because you’re now more at risk for: 

Fortunately, combining hormone therapy with lifestyle modifications can reduce your risk of these severe conditions. Our highly trained specialists at Balance Hormone Center understand your individual needs and what treatment methods suit you. 

We provide personalized, individually tailored hormone treatments that make you feel your best to live the most fulfilling life.

Healthy aging

You can reduce your risk for serious disease by doing a few simple things.

Optimize your diet

Think about how you can change your diet with simple steps, including these basic dietary guidelines:

Foods with isoflavones like soy milk and tofu may help lower cholesterol.

Improve your sleep hygiene

When do you sleep, how much do you sleep, and what can you do to sleep better? Optimize your sleep hygiene by:

Excellent sleep habits can significantly improve your mood, general health, overall wellness, and quality of life. 

Reduce stress 

You might find that the time around menopause and postmenopause is stressful. Hormone changes, disrupted sleep, and personal issues can all converge during these years. Reduce chronic stress by:

Chronic stress may affect your immune system, making you more prone to illness, infections, and possibly even cancer. As well as affecting you physically, stress is detrimental to your relationships, work performance, and general well-being.

Benefits of hormone therapy after menopause

Some advantages of hormone replacement therapy for postmenopausal women include:

It’s time to enjoy your golden years

Getting older means having the freedom to make the right choices for your health, and we can help. Make an appointment with us today to talk about how hormone therapy and other treatments can alleviate postmenopause symptoms and help you enjoy your golden years.

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