Sermorelin HGH Treatment For Men


Growth hormone deficiency (GHD) can rob men of energy, sex drive, mental health and muscle mass. Unfortunately, as they age men are likely to experience a decrease in growth hormone, and the unfortunate symptoms that go along with it.

Balance Hormone Center in Oklahoma treats growth hormone deficiency in men, eliminating the root cause of health concerns and improving overall quality of life. Using innovative treatments like Sermorelin HGH, we help men suffering from the symptoms of GHD return to their energetic, happy selves.

What Is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a unique, naturally occurring peptide that releases growth hormone to encourage a patient’s pituitary gland to produce its own HGH. Unlike synthetic HGH replacement therapy options that cause an unnatural spike in HGH, Sermorelin works to stimulate the consistent production of HGH throughout the day. This results in a more effective treatment and a reduced likelihood of noticeable side effects.

In most cases, a single daily injection of Sermorelin is needed to combat the symptoms of GHD. But since the effects of Sermorelin are long lasting, once the proper levels of HGH are identified with patients, the frequency of injections can be decreased or stopped altogether.

Restore Your Quality of Life With Sermorelin HGH Treatment

In as little as a few days of Sermorelin HGH treatments, men often see many physical, emotional and mental improvements, including improvements in:

  • Muscle mass
  • Energy
  • Libido
  • Sleep
  • Metabolism
  • Bone density
  • Mental acuity

Sermorelin HGH treatment also helps men lose weight, rejuvenates skin, and often makes men feel 10-20 years younger.

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Are you tired of being unable to lose weight? Sick of feeling tired all the time? Want to look and feel younger? Sermorelin HGH may be the answer.


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