Premenopause Hormone Therapy


The term “premenopause” applies to the adolescent and adult stages of a woman’s life, and is the time when she can ovulate and become pregnant. A bit more specifically, a healthy woman is in premenopause from her first menstrual cycle until her final one.

If you did not know that a term like premenopause existed to describe what sounds like the typical child-bearing phase of a woman’s life you’re certainly not alone. In fact, many women don’t realize that, even during these prime years, hormone imbalances can occur and cause physical and emotional issues that could be considered premenopausal, which leads them toward remedies that just don’t seem to be working.

When You Just Don’t Feel Like You

Doctors commonly misdiagnose women in premenopause because hormone imbalances lead to symptoms that are also found in a number of illnesses.

  • Feelings of depression, anxiety or lack of purpose
  • Weight gain, even when your diet and exercise routines haven’t changed
  • Swelling or tenderness around joints or your face
  • Increased sensitivity to cold or hot temperatures
  • Thinning hair or hair loss
  • Missed periods, irregular periods or heavier than normal flow

The inability to tackle the real issue can be frustrating for women and even strain the relationship between a woman and her primary care physician. It makes you unsure, apprehensive, and unlike your usual self.

If you are experiencing these symptoms, and it feels like you’re getting nowhere in your current treatment efforts, premenopause hormone therapy at Balance Hormone Center in Norman could offer relief.

We Help Young Women, Too

Women who are healthy and in the prime of their lives are not immune from pain and illnesses related to premenopause—the throwing off of the balance between estrogen, progesterone and testosterone in the system. 
At Balance Hormone Center in Norman, we understand that your symptoms are not just in your head. They are real and require real treatment. Our team uses individualized hormone therapies to treat and alleviate the discomfort and pain that you experience in the premenopausal stage of your life.

If you are of child-bearing age and can’t seem to find relief in other treatments, hormone therapy may be the solution you are seeking.

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