How to Improve Your Sex Drive in Your Golden Years

The desire for sex can sometimes disappear quite inconspicuously. By the time you notice the change in your libido, you might realize that your sex life has gone from hot to not.

Hormones, stress, and menopause all cause a shift in your ability to perform sexually. That’s why Gordon Hart, PA-C, and our team of compassionate providers specialize in hormone replacement therapy, menopause treatment, and low-libido therapy. 

Located in Norman, Oklahoma, we at Balance Hormone Center specialize in unique therapies for men and women. We improve your quality of life through personalized care and natural treatment methods. 

We offer many options for people who want to improve their sex drive as they age.  

What causes low sex drive?

The desire for sexual intimacy isn’t always the issue as you reach your golden years. You’re at a phase in your life where contraception no longer plays a role, or perhaps you’re getting ready for retirement. 

As you mature, you may even notice a new meaningful sense of togetherness. But for some men and women, things like depression and menopause get in the way.


As women age, hormones change and eventually lead to menopause. During menopause, your estrogen and testosterone levels decrease, causing a number of symptoms such as mood swings, hot flashes, and weight gain. 

As a result of the decreased estrogen and progesterone, your body experiences low blood flow to the vaginal membrane. This lack of blood flow makes vaginal skin thinner and more sensitive as it loses moisture and elasticity. During intercourse, dryness can lead to pain, which can reduce your interest in sex altogether.


Both men and women struggle with depression, which reduces or eliminates your sex drive. Some depression medications can curb your libido as well. If depression results from menopause or other hormonal imbalance, consider visiting our team for a consultation. 

Something as simple as proper nutrition is one way to ease depression and feel more energized throughout the day.


Psychological stresses sometimes make relaxation more difficult, one of the prerequisites for sexual arousal. A lack of self-confidence can get in the way of lust. Those who don’t feel attractive (perhaps because of a few extra pounds) may feel uncomfortable during sex and ultimately avoid physically intimate contact. 

Low self-esteem can cause you to focus on all the things you view as undesirable, which causes more stress. It can be an unending cycle that feels insurmountable, especially when it puts a strain on your relationship.

Hormone imbalance

Sexual dysfunction is a primary indication of a hormone imbalance. Low testosterone is directly related to erectile dysfunction, which can cause damage to your self-confidence and the physical inability to perform. 

How we can help improve your sex drive

We can help you improve your sex drive using unique, holistic treatments to get you back on track.

Hormone replacement therapy

One of our most popular and varied treatments at Balance Hormone Center is hormone replacement. Your hormone replacement therapy plan might include:

Testosterone replacement therapy

By increasing your testosterone levels, you’ll notice an increase in your sex drive. Your testosterone replacement therapy plan might include:

Intravenous (IV) therapy

If you’re concerned about nutritional deficiencies, IV therapy could be the solution to reclaiming your sex life. IV therapy also improves chronic ailments, so you feel healthy and energized after soaking up beneficial nutrients like magnesium, calcium, vitamin C, and B vitamins.

Other treatments that can boost your libido

Besides IV therapy and hormonal rebalancing, we also offer other libido-boosting treatments such as:

Are you ready to strengthen your sex drive?

Our natural methods work wonders for couples, but don’t forget other essential facets such as spending time with one another, talking about your wishes, trying new things, and approaching the matter with a lot of humor. 

If you lack desire in the bedroom, call us at Balance Hormone Center today to schedule a consultation. You can also use our convenient online scheduling tool to request an appointment.

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