How to Enhance Your Sex Life After 60

How to Enhance Your Sex Life After 60

Having sex after 60 plays a fundamental role in your physical and mental health. Although sexual frequency may decrease naturally as you age, many older adults still desire sexual intimacy.

You can’t stop the effects of an aging libido, but you can slow down symptoms to start feeling more sexually active and vibrant. 

Gordon Hart, PA-C, and Brian A. Yeaman, MD, at Balance Hormone Center in Norman, Oklahoma, offer personalized age management treatment plans to boost your sex drive. Our customized anti-aging remedies help you enhance your sex life in your golden years.

How sex keeps you healthy

There are many health benefits to having sex as an older adult. 

Seniors with an active sex life are happier. A 2019 study reports that sexual satisfaction in men corresponded to greater life enjoyment. The women in the study had higher lifestyle enjoyment because of the emotional intimacy involved with sex.

Research suggests that more sex as an older adult is linked to lower rates of coronary heart disease, cancer, and other chronic illnesses. Having more sex doesn’t necessarily prevent these serious illnesses, but it shows the association between good health and sexual activity in older people.

How to enhance your sex life

Sexual desire can decrease with age, but there are many tools and methods to stimulate your sexuality. We help you find the root of the problem so that we can provide the right tools and techniques to stimulate your desire again. 

Know your hormone levels

A hormonal imbalance may be one of the main reasons your sex life slows down as you age. 

Hormone levels decrease over time for men and women. As you get older, you produce fewer hormones, resulting in a reduced desire for sex. Hormonal imbalances can cause vaginal dryness, erectile dysfunction, or other conditions, often leading to more challenging sex. 

Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) for men and women can equalize a hormonal imbalance if you experience low testosterone, estrogen, or thyroid hormones. 

Rekindle desire in the bedroom

How can you rekindle desire and still have intense sexual experiences at an advanced age? There’s no one-size-fits-all solution, but communication with your partner is a key first step to satisfying sex after 60. 

It's not just your body that changes. Your needs change too. This is why you should still exchange information with your partner. The advantage of sex after 60 is that mature people know their likes and desires better and can express them clearly.

Begin a nutritional supplement treatment plan

If your sex life is lacking, consider a nutritional supplement treatment plan. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies wreak havoc on your body and can decrease your sexual desire. Our health experts can help you choose nutritional supplements best suited for a healthy and robust sex life.

At Balance Hormone Center, we may begin treatment with weekly intravenous (IV) therapy sessions to improve your nutrient levels. IV therapy delivers essential vitamins and minerals directly into your bloodstream, so if a hormonal imbalance is causing your lack of sexual desire, you should notice a difference quickly.

Learn more about the IV therapy, age management, and nutritional supplements we offer at Balance Hormone Center by scheduling an appointment. Book online or over the phone today.

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