How Quickly Will I Feel the Effects of Testosterone?

How Quickly Will I Feel the Effects of Testosterone?

If you're struggling to pump up those muscles and keep your weight in check, it could be due to a drop in testosterone. And it doesn't stop there. Your libido could suffer too. 

At Ageless Restoration in Norman, Oklahoma, hormone imbalance specialists Gordon Hart, PA-C, and Brian A. Yeaman, MD, offer personalized testosterone treatments that are tailored to your specific needs. 

We understand that your testosterone treatment plan may require various remedies to combat your symptoms. Those remedies could include:

If you’re considering testosterone therapy, chances are you have plenty of questions. Chief among your concerns may be understanding how quickly it will take for you to feel the effects of treatment. 

We hear that question all the time, and the answer can provide some peace of mind as you explore this hormone therapy option. 

What is testosterone and how does it affect your body?

Testosterone is a hormone produced naturally in the human body and is more commonly associated with men, but women also have this hormone, just in smaller amounts. 

It plays a vital role in developing male sex organs and defines male characteristics such as muscle mass, voice pitch, and body hair growth. Beyond its effects on physical appearance, testosterone also contributes to overall health by promoting bone density, regulating mood, and enhancing cognitive abilities.

Imbalances in testosterone levels can lead to negative side effects such as decreased sex drive, infertility, and an increased risk of heart disease. Learn how this hormone works in your body and how to maintain healthy levels through lifestyle choices and medical intervention, if necessary.

What to expect in the first weeks of testosterone therapy

Starting testosterone therapy can be a big step toward feeling more comfortable. But the first few weeks can bring about some changes that you might not expect. 

You might experience a surge in energy, increased sex drive, and changes in appetite or mood. It's also common to notice physical changes, such as a deeper voice or increased hair growth. 

While these changes can be exciting, you should give your body time to adjust to the hormones. Everyone's experience is different. While the treatment may take some time to fully resolve your symptoms, you can start experiencing improvements within just a few weeks. 

Benefits of increased testosterone levels

As men age, testosterone levels begin to decline naturally. This can lead to physical and emotional symptoms, from decreased muscle mass and energy levels to depression and decreased sex drive.

By increasing testosterone levels, men can experience a range of benefits. For example, increased testosterone can improve athletic performance, bone density, and mood. It can enhance libido and sexual function, leading to a more fulfilling sex life. 

Hormone replacement therapy

Taking testosterone is a big step in your self-care and health maintenance and deserves serious consideration.

If BHRT is an option for you, we highly recommend it, because it’s natural and nearly identical to the testosterone already in your body. This means faster improvement, minimal side effects, and a quicker path to feeling like yourself again. 

Within a few short weeks of starting testosterone treatment with us, you can expect to notice a significant improvement in your overall well-being, including your sexual performance.

There’s no single path or timeline when it comes to testosterone therapy. If you're looking for a tailored solution to your testosterone needs, look no further than Ageless Restoration. Call today or request an appointment online.

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