Experiencing Appetite Changes? It May Be Time to Have Your Thyroid Checked

Thyroid disorders affect as many as 20 million Americans. More than half of those people don’t even know they have a thyroid problem. If your appetite has changed recently, you may be one of those with an unchecked thyroid disorder. 

But if discovered quickly, thyroid malfunctions are usually easy to treat.

At Balance Hormone Center in Norman, Oklahoma, we uncover and treat thyroid disorders. Thyroid therapy treatments include:

Plus, Gordon Hart, PA-C, and our team of experts offer in-office IV therapy sessions.  

If you suspect you have a thyroid problem, here’s what you need to know.

What is the thyroid?

Your thyroid is a butterfly-shaped organ in your neck, right below your voice box. Its job is producing and releasing hormones that play an essential role in your metabolism, growth, and development. 

Your thyroid produces more hormones when your body requires extra energy, like when you’re cold or if you’re pregnant.

With a thyroid disorder, these processes become unbalanced. Our role at Balance Hormone Center is to diagnose the problem and rebalance your hormones so you feel happy and energized. 

Thyroid disorders

Thyroid hormones control a large number of processes in your body. If you often feel tired and hungry, or if you have no appetite at all, it may be due to your thyroid levels. 


If your thyroid hormones are deficient, you’re experiencing an underactive thyroid. This is also called hypothyroidism, which means your body’s metabolic processes run more slowly than normal. Too few hormones get into the blood, and your energy expenditure is reduced. 

Your body then lacks the metabolic energy to function optimally, and efficiency decreases. For example, those affected experience weight gain, sensitivity to cold, dry skin, and fatigue. If you’ve noticed that you often feel hungry and you’ve gained weight, you may have hypothyroidism.


The opposite is the case with an overactive thyroid, which is known as hyperthyroidism. This leads to an oversupply of thyroid hormones, which increases energy expenditure. Although that may sound like a good thing, it doesn’t actually mean that those affected are incredibly fit or healthy. 

On the contrary, if you have hyperthyroidism, you tend to be restless and feel stressed frequently. You may have insomnia, sweat profusely, or have an increased heart rate. 

It’s also typical that people with hyperthyroidism eat a lot without gaining weight due to the increased energy consumption.

Treatment options

Our highly skilled team of hormonal balancing specialists creates treatment plans based on your condition and severity.

Those with hypothyroidism might find relief with natural thyroid hormone therapy. If you’re dealing with hyperthyroidism, we may begin treatment with beta blockers or anti-thyroid medications. 

For either condition, in-office IV therapy treatment may be especially helpful at relieving uncomfortable symptoms of your thyroid disorder.

Hormone imbalances affect your overall well-being, but we can help. Call us at Balance Hormone Center today to schedule a consultation. You can also use our convenient online scheduling tool to request an appointment.

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