Are You Deficient in Vital Nutrients?

Are You Deficient in Vital Nutrients?

When your body lacks the required nutrients, it reacts negatively. You suffer from nutritional deficiencies if you aren't getting everything your body needs to function. Vitamin and mineral shortages can harm your body and cause unpleasant physical and mental symptoms.

Gordon Hart, PA-C, Lisa Hargis, NP, and our specialized wellness team at Balance Hormone Center in Norman, Oklahoma, offer clinical-grade nutritional vitamins and supplements, so you can start feeling like your best self.

What are vital nutrients?

Your body has to absorb many different nutrients through diet to stay healthy and fit. There are six essential nutrients: 

These six nutrients are vital for optimal health and important processes, such as growth, cell renewal, and organ functions. 

Causes of nutrient deficiency

Even if you eat a balanced diet, you may not get the nutrients you need due to other factors. Stress is a trigger that may lead to an increased need for nutrients. Using medications and the regular consumption of alcohol and nicotine can impair the absorption of nutrients.

Certain circumstances and life changes require increased nutrient intake, such as pregnancy, competitive sports, or illness. If you have food intolerances or allergies, you can’t eat certain foods, limiting your nutrient supply. 

Similarly, vegans and vegetarians might find it challenging to meet nutritional needs.

Even if you don’t consciously avoid food, a diet not entirely balanced can lead to a deficiency.

Signs of nutritional deficiency

When your body lacks vital nutrients, it sends out signals to alert you. Frequent symptoms include:

The most natural way to get all your necessary nutrients is through a wholesome and healthy diet. Sufficient exercise stimulates blood circulation and transports all nutrients to their destinations.

Nutritional supplements provide relief

Depending on your nutrient deficiency and the severity of your symptoms, we may recommend starting with a weekly intravenous (IV) therapy session to boost your nutrient levels.

IV therapy quickly gets vital nutrients into your body by bypassing your digestive system. Vitamins and minerals are absorbed directly into your bloodstream to relieve unpleasant symptoms rapidly. 

We may also suggest over-the-counter clinical-grade dietary supplements. We create a customized treatment plan to help you select nutritional supplements that are best-suited for your specific needs.

Book an appointment early

Preventing nutrient deficiency is particularly important this time of year as it gets colder and more uncomfortable to be outside. It’s easier to feel tired and sad when days are shorter. 

To learn if you lack essential vitamins and minerals, contact us at Balance Hormone Center today by requesting an appointment online or calling our clinic directly.

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