Age Management 101: Whole Body Care for Your Later Years

Getting older doesn't mean it’s time to slow down, but you may need to pay closer attention to your body’s unique needs. You’re changing, and with that change comes an opportunity for you to refocus your health and wellness to ensure you are able to live your best life as long as possible. Many times, we think that getting older means doing less, but that doesn’t have to be the case if you focus on a few key areas.

Get your nutrition right

As you get older, you’ll need a more customized nutrition plan. This should include more healthy vegetables and fruits that give your immune system a boost. You’ll also want to consider updates to your nutrition — including supplements — to help you increase cell rejuvenation in your body. Talk to your team about what your diet is like now. It’s the perfect time to increase your nutrient intake to boost your bone health, mental health, and physical well-being.

Hormone therapy

As we age, many of the changes in our bodies are due to hormonal changes. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Your body isn’t focusing on reproduction any longer. Rather, it’s in sustainable mode. As a result, you may notice that some of your hormones are not aligned with your goals and needs. When you come in to see your doctor, you’ll learn how you can improve your hormone levels to ensure you are always getting the best possible experience. You may want to focus on improving your hormone levels if you’ve felt tired or you aren’t always in a good mood.

Thyroid concerns

Another key area of concern is the thyroid. This gland actually controls many of those hormones in your body. As you age, your thyroid's ability to function at the best level can also change. This may mean you need to make adjustments to your diet, but it may also mean taking medications to improve your thyroid function. You don’t want it to age you too quickly.

Weight loss

Although losing weight may be something that many people have thought about throughout the years, weight loss tends to be more of a problem for both men and women as they get older. Losing a few pounds is not as easy to do once you are a bit older. That’s because the body’s metabolism is slower. And, you may not be as physically active as you used to be. That can impact your overall health and ability to lose weight. The better option is to learn how to lose weight, perhaps with guided help from a professional.

What does age management offer you?

Age management can include these benefits and much more. What types of services are right for your needs and your health?

Is it time for a checkup to make sure you’re on the right track?

It’s always important to take care of yourself as you get older, but you don’t have to do it on your own. With the help of our team at Balance Hormone Center, you’ll have more access to the care you need. If it’s time for you to come in for a checkup, book an appointment with us now online.

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