5 Treatments That Can Help You Look and Feel Your Best As You Age

5 Treatments That Can Help You Look and Feel Your Best As You Age

Getting older doesn’t mean you have to slow down. Live your best life as you age with holistic care and personalized treatments at Balance Hormone Center in Norman, Oklahoma. Our professionals offer treatment for a range of problems, from hormone deficits to skin conditions. 

Gordon Hart, PA-C, and our team are committed to ensuring your golden years are your best, using individualized care and all-natural therapies. We work with you to build a treatment plan that addresses anything from weight gain to low libido so you can feel wonderful throughout the year. 

We treat men and women experiencing thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, aging skin, and more.

Laser treatments

Laser therapy is a multipurpose anti-aging tool. It offers a number of advantages and is associated with fewer complications than comparable surgical methods. It’s also more affordable and offers quick results. 

Using laser treatment, we can:

Laser therapy skin resurfacing is a proven method for reducing wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and other blemishes. It can tighten your skin and improve your complexion. Laser treatment is a successful and noninvasive way to care for many skin and hair problems.

Thyroid disorder treatments

We customize your thyroid imbalance treatment based on your situation, the type of imbalance, and the intensity of your symptoms. You might benefit from using natural thyroid hormone therapy.

Compared to synthetic hormones, our thyroid therapy treatments are more readily absorbed by your body. You’re less likely to experience side effects because natural thyroid hormone therapy employs hormones that are molecularly comparable to your natural thyroid hormones.

We may prescribe beta blockers or anti-thyroid drugs as part of your treatment for an overactive thyroid. We may suggest in-office IV therapy sessions if you have hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism.

Low libido treatments

Men can experience low libido for many reasons, including illnesses and the natural aging process. Aging is one of the primary causes of reduced libido, in which a lack of sexual desire becomes normal as testosterone levels decline.

At Hormone Balance Center, we provide several treatments for men with low libido, including testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). Your sex drive will improve because TRT raises your testosterone levels. TRT is available in various forms, including:  

After we determine the cause of your low libido, we create a customized treatment plan that gives you back sexual desire so you can live a balanced and fulfilling life.

Medical weight loss treatments

Many women have trouble losing weight, especially as they age. While diet and exercise can be quite effective, some women's bodies do not respond to calorie restriction or extended gym sessions. 

Women may find themselves giving in to cravings, skipping workouts, or giving up entirely out of frustration or sadness. We might suggest:

Our medical weight loss treatments concentrate on cravings, promoting fat burning, and guarding against muscle loss. We assist women who want to shed anywhere from a few pounds to 100.

Nutrition supplements

You might be unaware that you have a nutritional deficiency due to the wide range of nonspecific symptoms resulting from abnormally low vitamin or mineral levels. We can diagnose you and decide which dietary supplements you may need.

To increase your nutritional levels, we might suggest beginning with once-weekly IV therapy sessions. 

One of the main advantages of IV treatment is the fast absorption of vital vitamins and minerals without the need for digestion. IV therapy can relieve symptoms rapidly because they’re absorbed directly into your bloodstream.

Make your first appointment now and get on the road to living your best life. Call or book online today.

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